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The importance of windows and doors to the value of your home.

Why should you be interested in the value of your home?

Home ownership is still very much high on the agenda for most of us when it comes to improving our lifestyles, we spend much of our life living in and caring for our homes. It is normally the biggest single asset anyone of us will ever own, and what’s more, over time it also provides tax efficient capital gains.

new window co timber windows and doors lincolnshireIt’s not surprising then that when it comes to spending some of our income, we choose between ‘improving or moving’, the latter driven by moving up in size as our families grow or downsizing as our families flee the nest. We can also move due to job changes or migration.

Where can value be added?

Whatever the motivation, high on our list are the fixtures, fittings and other key parts of the house that needs our attention. Non more important than the windows and doors.


The fenestration (arrangement of windows) of any house is all important and history has not only proven this, but the styles of the windows and doors often belong to and can be identified with the period, Elizabethan, Georgian and Edwardian for example. The modern era can be described as contemporary style.

When refurbishment or replacement is required, whatever the style, these areas are so critical to the heritage of our nation that it comes under the jurisdiction of the building control and planning authorities. They can literally stop the wrong design of a window or door being fitted to an existing house.

It is always best that if you live in a listed house or even in a conservation area you should consult with your local planning office and talk to the building control officer responsible.

Roy Wakeman OBE

Double glazing

One of the key issues today and of concern to all involved is the question of double glazing. Should the benefits of double glazing be enjoyed by owners of listed buildings or not. We say, that given the benefits of double glazing in reduced heating costs, improved sound insulation and, when special glasses are specified, solar gains made, they should. After all, modern designs in whatever material can now be made to replicate the exact style of the original.

Available now are certificated and proven methods of slim glazing units of 14mm with substantial guarantees. These can provide the added benefits described and when seen from a short distance are  un-recognizable from single glazing of the period, this is particularly true for sliding sash windows. Now we can move away from sash windows that rattle and are drafty in windy conditions, and replace with New Window Company modern products.

We can, as a result, feel safe and secure and enjoy the warmth of our houses whatever the external conditions.

Roy Wakeman OBE

How can we help?

The New Window Company can supply new windows and doors in a variety of materials whether it is engineered modern timber, timber alternative engineered high impact uPVC or aluminum for our patio bi folding doors.

We have extensive showroom displays at our office and showroom in Frieston Heath, Caythorpe, Grantham where you can touch and feel the full working models right across our range.


A full installation service backed by a deposit guarantee insurance scheme is offered, carried out by our own fully trained and direct employees.

As we approach the summer, now is the time to inspect all your windows, wash them down and clean out the insects and other debris. Any obvious areas that need touching up should be done, but if you feel that you are in need to improve or replace, start to discuss now for installation in the autumn ahead of next winter.

T. R. Wakeman OBE, Chairman of The New Window Company 

We welcome you to visit our showroom near Caythorpe, Lincolnshire, or to get in touch with our friendly team.