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New windows and doors can contribute to reducing your annual energy bills. 

Beautiful, different, traditional, safe. Just some of the words people associate with Timber windows and doors. Our director, Roy Wakeman OBE, looks into the numerous eco-friendly and economical benefits of investing in your windows and doors.

Background to the industry

The high demand for double glazing sales in the late 1970’s and through the 80’s was driven by poorly maintained windows and doors that were installed in the post war building boom. The motivation for the purchase was usually driven by the increase in home ownership and the deterioration of the existing windows which were single glazed wood or steel framed, drafty and kept little heat in the house. Keeping up with the neighbours was also a significant driver with little thought other than the added insulation from double glazing was evident.

Aluminium was the first material used for frames by double glazing firms that initiated the sale and then came uPVC which by the end of the last century was the dominant material.

Improvements in the development of engineered timber components have now made wood a suitable material for the frame to give longer life expectancy and other key benefits, like security and ability to meet conservation requirements.

Globally Green

Today the world has moved on and we now must face up to the changing climate, cost and replacement of fossil fuels and the need to conserve energy. We are being told every day how to insulate our houses, reduce our energy bills and prepare for the future by recognising the change being made in the Building Regulations and Codes of Practice.

On the back of the awareness of global warming, the carbon foot print is all important.

For Housing the goal had been set by the Government under “The Code for Sustainable Homes” (CSH) that by 2016 all new housing being built will be Zero Carbon, this means that any energy consumed in the process and the ongoing running must be offset by carbon gains and renewable energy resources. There was doubt that this was ever achieved given the decision by the government to drop the Code and the Green Deal.

How can we help?

Most manufacturers of building products have been working on new product areas and developments to tap into this growing demand. It’s not surprising then, that the leading quality brands in the window and door market offered by The New Window Company are at the forefront of this technology. Examples include:

  • Flush Cottage style and lipped storm proof casement
  • Sliding sash for contemporary and or heritage houses
  • Full range of performance doorsets to suit all the styles required


A deposit guaranteed scheme is available and a fully trained competent team of fitters will install your new windows and doors and take away the old for re-cycling.


Today’s windows, having been tested and assessed by the BFRC (British Fenestration Energy Rating Council) can have an energy rated label, just like your fridge does! The ratings are classified from A to E with C being the minimum to satisfy Building Regulations for windows and ‘E’ for doors.

Double glazed and factory finished windows and doors offered by The New Window Company can meet all levels of ratings, in casement and sliding sash models. We are also able to provide products suitable for listed properties.

Going Green?

The Green Guide examines the relative environmental impacts of the construction materials commonly used in six different generic types of building, as you would expect this includes windows and doors.

All materials offered by The New Window Company are rated from  C to A+ in the Green Guide  (Building Research Establishment(BRE) and this is how they can help you go green!

  • A+ rated windows in the BRE Green Guide have maximum eco credits in the CSH equal to level 6 Zero Carbon in the CSH.
  • Installing new windows will help to meet the criteria used. There are three areas – energy and CO2 emissions, materials, and management.
  • Good day lighting through the windows and sound reduction will help meet some of the requirements in a fourth category of Health and Wellbeing.
  • The Windows are also tested to the very latest security performance standards to the latest building regulations Part Q, and will gain extra credits.

You can get modern windows and doors now that are built to satisfy the future energy and ECO standards.

Added value.

Making energy saving improvements to your property could increase its value by 14% on average so not only will you be helping to get your energy costs down, but you will also add considerably to the value of your property.

Motivated to start shopping for some new windows and doors? We welcome you to visit our showroom near Caythorpe, Lincolnshire, or to get in touch with our friendly team .

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