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Our materials

Most of our products are available in Timber and Timber Alternative. We are also proud to offer windows and doors in Aluminium and uPVC. Our showroom has working samples in all materials as well as sample of colours, fixtures and fittings.

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All of our window and door styles are available in timber, in oak, meranti hardwood and European redwood.

Why choose timber?

Our engineered timber, meaning it is multi-layered, provides a beautiful finish in a vast range of colour options, some of which are difficult to replicate in other materials. It is a stronger product, aesthetically pleasing, durable, long lasting and resistant to the issues which affect traditional timber.

The extensive guarantees are:

  • 30 years against rotting and insect infestation
  • 10 years on the glazing
  • 10 years on the ironmongery
  • 12 years on the paint finish
  • Up to 6 years* on the stain finish

*6 years for Meranti and Redwood, 1 year for Oak

Timber is an environmentally friendly option. All our timber derives from sustainably managed plantations, which means when the trees are felled, new ones are always planted to replace those harvested.

Our timber range is supplied by:

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Timber Alternatives

Many of our windows and doors are available in state of the art, alternative materials are hand finished and replicate the look of timber.

The guarantee on all our uPVC products are for a comprehensive 10 years.

Our uPVC range of products include profiles from Roseview, Rahau and Kommerling.

There are benefits to both timber and the alternatives – which material you feel is best for your home often comes down to personal taste. To aid your decision making process we warmly welcome you to visit our showroom where you can see, touch and test the different options first hand.


Using our preferred supplier, SMART, have a reputation for product quality, innovation and technical expertise. Their designs and materials offer a great solution for Heritage projects and listed building renovations.


Download the brochures of your choice.