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Frequently Asked Questions

Our owner and chairman, Roy Wakeman OBE, answers some of our most frequently asked questions:

Are we right for your house?

In short, yes. No matter what your property type we have a suitable window or door. Our range spans from the lower price point uPVC windows right up to the higher spec, higher price point timber windows. It’s a similar story with our doors, we offer uPVC, aluminium and timber doors to suit a range of tastes and budgets.

Our showroom is a journey of discovery, visit and try out the full range of products we offer or view our projects to see the variety of properties we’ve worked on.

Monday – Thursday 9-5 | Fridays 9-4.30 | Saturday 9-1

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What are the common problems facing homeowners looking for new windows and doors?

Homeowners that visit us usually talk about being in a lovely house but with either rotting, under-performing or cheap-looking windows and doors. Warmth, noise and security are the main areas of performance that people ask us about. We can discuss what is available in the marketplace and help you choose a new product which is going to satisfy your requirements, your property and any planning regulations.

Read more about reducing your energy bills and increasing the value of your home in our blogs.

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What is the role of the surveyor?

The surveyor’s job is to ensure that any installation is going to be structurally sound and compliant with any relevant regulations. The surveyor needs to understand the construction of the property and recognise potential problems associated with the removal of old fenestration plus the installation of new windows/doors. They will take into account any load-bearing requirements, access issues, electrical wiring, ventilation and much more. Our company surveyor, Lee Jarman, has been working with us for many years and is an expert in his field.

Find out more about the rest of the team here:

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What choices do you have?

We pride ourselves on our bespoke offering. Whether it’s new windows or new doors that you are purchasing, you have many choices available to you, ensuring you end up with the perfect product for your property. You choose the style, material, colour and finish of your windows or doors and are in complete control over what furniture you want, be it knockers, handles, letterboxes etc.

See our handy guides on how to choose your perfect front door, plus how to choose your exterior door furniture.

Choosing your front doorExterior door furniture

Timber (Then vs Now) - What is the difference?

Timber of old gained a bad reputation, and for good reason. It often under-performed and rotted causing homeowners significant problems. Unfortunately this was normally due to poor installations and paint finishes, both of which compounded the inherent problems found in traditional timber such as twisting and warping.

The timber used today is a new product entirely; engineered timber. It is multi-layered meaning it is resistant to the twisting and warping problems plaguing traditional timber. The paint finishes used now are guaranteed to last 8-10 years, and a recent life cycle analysis has proved that timber windows are capable of performing for 65 years if treated properly.

Modern timber products are particularly useful in conservation areas. If listed buildings require fenestration replacements then it is normally stipulated within regulations that these have to look identical, if not very similar to the originals.  Today’s timber products can be made to mirror the style of old windows but perform more efficiently and securely.

Find out more about using timber in conservation areas here:

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