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Are you trying to work from home with kids in tow?

Spending too much time away from your computer as a consequence?

We have put together some easy to use work sheets and activities to help you get some peace and quiet whilst helping to stimulate their little minds!

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

new window co, kids enjoying a scavenger hunt while parents work from home


Ask your kids to collect all these items. Explain the competition is not only based on the speed of finding the items, but also their ability to do it independently (i.e. the least amount of interruptions!).

Organise a reward for the winner for extra motivation and to keep them engaged. 

1. An elastic band
2. A left sock
3. A pencil
4. A penny coin
5. A ball
6. A joker from a deck of cards
7. A printed photograph
8. A piece of lego
9. A teaspoon
10. An envelope
11. A paper clip
12. Something green
13. A teddy
14. A dice
15. A magazine
16. A fridge magnet
17. A marble
18. Something fluffy
19. A red pen
20. A pair of sunglasses

Alongside the scavenger hunt we’ve also prepared an activity sheet containing a few tasks for your child to complete.

Ready to get some work done?

Download the scavenger hunt or activity sheet below for some free children’s entertainment.

Scavenger Hunt – New Window Company
Activity Sheet – New Window Company
Answers to activities – New Window Company


If all this extra time at home has inspired you to think about renovations and windows/doors are on the ‘to-do’ list then take a look at our handywork in some recent projects. 

If you’d like to book a telephone consultation or organise a virtual quote then please contact us.