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How to spot the tricks of the trade – and avoid them – when investing in double glazing.

You might have seen the recent TV comedy series, White Gold, which follows a group of flashy uPVC window salesmen. For reputed businesses like ourselves, however, the truth behind the series is less than hilarious.

“Some people are nervous because they’ve experienced those hard selling techniques”

says our Chairman, Roy Wakeman OBE.

“The reality is that there are sales tricks used by both small and large companies, which aren’t necessarily for the benefit of the customer.”

We want to ensure that homeowners looking to replace windows and doors aren’t left with a nasty surprise. Based at Caythorpe, we have more than 20 years’ of experience and offer a bespoke service across several brands.

Our five key tips for ensuring you get the best deal, quality and service.

1) Don’t sign anything on the first visit

Roy says buyers shouldn’t feel pressured to agree a price because it’s a “limited time offer”, nor decide to go with a particular company after just one visit to them.

“Any company that wants your business will be happy to wait.”

2) Always get a written quote

“Always get everything in writing or via email and if the company won’t do so, then don’t bother with them. If it’s all down on paper then you know what you’re getting – and if anything changes you can refer back to it as proof.”

We always provides a written quote, including images and dimensions.  Find out more about the buying process with The New Window Company here.


3) Visit their showroom

It’s always vital to visit the showroom to get a sense of what a company can offer.

“If a company doesn’t have a showroom, it would be a point of concern. You might have someone who turns up with window samples, but you don’t know whether that’s the version they’d actually fit. It’s important to get a clear sense of what they’ve got on offer.”


4) Do your research and read reviews

Always take the time to look up reviews on the internet and find out what other people’s experiences have been of using the company. This way, you’ll get an impartial view of the work they undertake.

Read over 300 independent reviews for The New Window Company here.

5) Only pay once you’re happy the work is completed

Remember that once you’ve signed a contract, you are entitled to a statutory 14-day cooling off period.

“Only pay when the work is completed, and not up front. It’s the way to make sure you’re completely happy with the finish. There is usually a deposit required and then stage payments, leaving a balance outstanding for you to use subject to full satisfaction. In the New Window Company we offer deposit insurance schemes for our timber products.”


Hopefully this will help you avoid some of the pitfalls when it comes to buying fenestration for your home. If windows and doors are on your shopping list then please visit our showroom anytime Monday – Friday, 9-5 or Saturdays 9-1.

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