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The UK Government launches New Timber Road map to boost UK construction and reduce emissions.

The UK Government now recognises the importance of timber used in both the construction and building market as a key part to reducing emissions leading to achieving Net Zero.

A move designed to reduce emissions and reach net zero was set out by the Government in December last year. This is detailed in the new Timber Road Map

Using timber in construction is one of the best ways to reduce emissions from buildings. Around 25% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions are from the built environment where larger buildings can store up to 400% more carbon when built out of engineered timber products rather than concrete.

The announcement was made following the COP 28 urbanisation day where ministers met to discuss the issues. Stepping up domestic timber production and its use in new construction and the home improvement market will significantly reduce emissions and lock up carbon (CO2) in buildings, helping to meet net zero ambitions.

Timber is now the centre piece of the global strategy for tackling climate change, global warming, and carbon emissions. This is now embedded into the agenda for all COP climate gatherings worldwide.

Promoting the use of timber as a building material is a key part of the government’s Net Zero Strategy. It will innovate the economy, play a role in creating green jobs and also help meet our tree-planting targets.

Forestry Minister Rebecca Pow
sash timber window listed

Timber in your home

timber door on period property

As well as timber for construction, timber products such as windows and doors are being chosen by the consumer as the modern engineered timber components now provide long life, stability and little movement leading to degradation of product.

The paint finishes offered now carry long warranties and those offered by the New Window Company have an expected life of 12 years before any further decoration is required. This now destroys the myth of poor product design, unkempt finishes and now no rot.

All products come double glazed as a standard feature and you can also request a special slimline glazing unit to suit the heritage market and is approved by most planning departments.

All products are made bespoke to customers’ requirements meaning virtually every size and design can be met. So, period features from the classic years of Edwardian, Victorian and Georgian can be matched to comply with the local planning guidelines.

The New Window Company based at Frieston Heath near Grantham and with a new showroom also in Stamford have extensive displays of full working models.

The Company are exclusive distributors in this region for Timber