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October is National Home Security Month

Home is the place where you make treasured memories with your family and loved ones. National Home Security Month is here to highlight the importance of preventative measures – not only to protect physical possessions from burglary – but to also provide comfort in knowing your home and the memories within it are safe and secure. | Home Security Month

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Did you know that 76% of household burglaries involved access via the front door? 

Tips to keep your home secure

  • Don’t leave your keys lying around! Always reduce the opportunities for the culprit!
  • Invest in a video doorbell, they act as a deterrent as well as potentially useful!
  • Don’t ignore your back door, often forgotten by the homeowner, not by the would be burglar!
  • Smart security camera’s are great for home owners on the go, keep an eye at all times!

We are proud of the reputation our products have with regards to security. Here are some of the ways we can offer you peace of mind.

You are six times more likely to be burgled without double locks and deadlocks on outside doors. So, all Evolution timber effect doors come complete with comprehensive locking systems with shoot bolts top and bottom. Silver finished steel bolts through the security systems in windows and doors provide absolute effectiveness.

All Evolution doors are supplied with high security multi-point locking built into the door as standard. The technologically advanced locks and cams engage in ten different positions to give maximum protection to your home, belongings and your family.

Endurance doors are proven to be sledgehammer-proof, so they’ll resist even the most excessive forced entry attempts. For burglars planning less full-force break-in attempts, the intricate and intelligent locking mechanisms provide anti-pick and anti-snap protection – they’re able to detect when someone is trying to force their way in, and they’ll raise the defences to keep them out.

Timber doors can come equipped with KABA locking cylinders. These Kitemarked, 3 star locking cylinders possess the highest level of security available, having undergone rigorous testing to provide counter measures to all common forms of potential attack on an entrance door. The cylinders feature several layers of protection to prevent drilling, picking, bumping and extraction. In particular, it also carries a sacrificial break slot, which, in the event of the cylinder being snapped, the secure core of the lock is retained within the door, inhibiting forced override of the cylinder. Additionally, these KABA cylinders have further innovative features, including patent protected keys blanks preventing illegal copying. The cylinders also include a failsafe clutch mechanism allowing the lock to still be operated by the thumb turn from the inside in any event, ensuring that the occupant does not become trapped in the property, if, for example the lock has suffered an attack from the outside. KABA locking cylinders are required for PAS24 compliance.